To whom it may concern

To whom it may concern

We are tiny, we are small. Nobody cares about small human rights organizations; about the handful of people we make a difference for.

We struggle to find new permanent members, because understandably, you need to have a passion for commitment, for fairness, for justice and equality, but we also require professionalism and seriousness.

We are in that limbo now, we are completely self-funded, besides a few helping hands we are truly grateful for.

We are upgrading the services we offer and finding new precious collaborators, which will help us help. We are big enough to have had a real impact on a few lives, yet not big enough to turn those lives around, and those few lives are not enough lives for us to qualify for funding.

What we do have is integrity, and professionalism.

We are transparent: there are two active parts to this Organization, myself and my Italo-Spanish-Colombian partner. We are both real, and uncompromising: he believes we are all the same. I believe we all deserve to live a life of dignity.

Yet we could do so much more. My greatest wishes at the moment are a large office and workshop space, enough money to pay our own salaries, and being able to hire. Hire and encourage the people we help to help themselves, start their own business, flourish, rather than let themselves be diminished by a society where success is entirely based on who you know: they can’t compete, as they have lived unseen for years.

Soon, I hope to continue telling their stories, as we had started to do on our YouTube channel.

If you want to help us, there are so many ways.

Follow us on Facebook, YouTube or Instagram, even Be patient as we try and publish content with what little time we have. Donate if you like. Donate your 5 per thousand deductible Italian tax allowance to us! All donations are tax-deductible… Talk about us. Find out about us. Hire from our flock of black sheep. Help us maintain and update our website. Give us space to use for free or for an affordable price. Donate PCs, sawing machines, books (these, when we achieve more space). Offer us gathering places in and around Lecce. Sign up to the courses we offer. Pay for our assistance with documents such as Stay permits, International refugee status, etc.

We are real, we function, we make a limited but big difference. We are small, we do what we can, we wish to and can do so much more. Please help us help out.

Tax Code (Codice Fiscale): 90054230751 for the 5‰ in the name of La Pecora Nera APS when you pay your taxes in Italy, it’s free for you!
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